4 Wheel Alignment

4 Wheel Alignment

In order to achieve the best performance and longevity of tyres it is important that the geometry of all four road wheels of your car are correct in relation to their set-up. Poor wheel alignment can not only result in excessive tyre wear, it can also affect the handling of your vehicle and ultimately your ability to control the car on the road.

Mantles Group Ltd have invested in some of the latest technology to accurately measure the alignment/geometry of all four wheels on your car. Unlike, a tracking check which just looks at one angle relating to both front wheels, the Hunter Ace Hawkeye Four Wheel Alignment system measures all four wheels individually as well as their status in relation to other wheels on the car.

This ensures that your car is set-up as the manufacturer recommends and will therefore maximise your tyre life, whilst ensuring that the vehicle performs and handles as it has been designed.

To carry out the Test, your vehicle is placed upon a 4-post lift that has been designed to incorporate the Four-Wheel Alignment System. Special purpose made adaptations are attached to all four road wheels of the vehicle. The wheel adaptors are picked up by camera’s and receptors that are positioned at the front of the vehicle that calculates to within fractions of a degree the angle that all four wheels are pointing in.

  • From £69.99 inc VAT for standard vehicle
  • Improve the life of your tyres
  • First adjustment included in the price
  • Less than the cost of an average tyre
  • Improve your vehicles handling

How it works

We will take an initial print of the original measurements of your vehicle, then make any adjustments required to bring the vehicle back into specification and once that is complete provide you with an "After Reading" for your piece of mind confirming that your vehicle is now set-up as it was intended.

A 4 Wheel alignment check, including the all-important measurement print out, on a standard vehicle starts at just £69.99inc vat. One adjustment if required is included within that price.