Air Conditioning Services

Mantles Air Conditioning Services​

Mantles Kia (Royston) are one of the few local Service Centre's that are equipped to look after both the earlier R134a Refrigerant Air Conditioning systems, which tend to be fitted to vehicles before 2015 and also the very latest R1234YF Air-Conditioning systems fitted to all modern vehicles today.

At Mantles Kia (Royston) we offer a Free Air-Conditioning Check to check the performance of the Air-Conditioning in your vehicle.

If the Air-Conditioning system requires a straightforward re-gas, prices start at just £39.99+vat (plus any Gas/PAG Oil used).

If the system has a leak, a Nitrogen Leak Test can be carried out for £19.99+vat to enable us to locate the leak. If a leak is detected a fully priced estimate will be provided to repair a leak before proceeding.

  • Re Gas from only £39.99 + VAT
  • Nitrogen Leak Tests can be carried out for £19.99 + VAT
  • Get rid of mould and smells for £29.99 + VAT
  • All makes worked on here!


Due to the way in which your air-conditioning system works, they produce moisture that over time can attract spoors (Mould) and this can often give off an unpleasant musty smell.

This problem is quite common and can be relatively easily dealt with by having a deodorizer applied to the system. This is a simple process that only takes 15/20 minutes, so can be carried out while-you-wait for just £29.99+vat.This process will replace the unpleasant smell with a much more pleasant aroma.